Virtual cards for each employee, expense and project

Simplify your online payment process and secure your purchases. Provide each employee with a virtual card with a fixed budget and customized settings.

Promote employee autonomy

Trust your employees with more freedom to spend and help them manage their expenses independently

Stay in control

Ensure a better control over your budgets and ongoing compliance of your expense policy while benefiting from an integrated accounting reconciliation

Secure your purchases

Substantially reduce the risks linked to online payments and fraud attempts and protect your corporate bank account

Generate as many virtual cards as you need

Put an end to lengthy and never-ending reimbursement processes.  Empower your employees to spend and simplify invoice payment and tracking: provide each team member with a virtual payment card directly linked to your corporate bank account.  .

Deactivate virtual cards in the event of fraud

Protect your corporate bank account, avoid fraud attempts and secure your online purchases. In the event of suspected or attempted fraud, deactivate individual payment cards in just a few clicks.

Maintain control over your budgets

Avoid excessive spending by your employees and ensure that defined budgets are respected for each project. Set up spend limits to each card according to your budget guidelines.

Top-up virtual cards instantly

Provide flexibility to cardholders: receive budget requests from cardholders, approve these requests, and top-up cards in real time.

Track each employee’s expenses in real time

Check the balance of each card in a few clicks. Every transaction carried out by a virtual card is directly recorded on your dashboard.
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