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Accept Credit Card Payments On Your Travel Website

The travel industry never seems to be out of demand. People always want to travel, with millions upon millions of families vacationing every year. However, travel isn’t always cheap, and many consumers spend a great deal of time browsing travel agencies and websites looking for the best deals. If you own a travel business, apply for one of Realisto’s travel merchant accounts to find fast and reliable credit card processing solutions.

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The travel industry is large and includes many other smaller industries that may fall into the category of travel. However, Realisto delivers customisable solutions for qualified merchants, meaning we can work with a number of different business types. These include:

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Typical High Risk MID rates on our EU acquiring bank.
€100k per month domestic EU sales volume.


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Do you need a high risk merchant account?

There are many factors considered by banks and payment providers when deciding whether a business should be classified as high-risk. The primary concern is the reputation of the industry in which the business is operating, and its trading/processing history. For example, the online gambling industry is automatically considered as high-risk by acquiring banks due to track record of unregulated schemes. When there is the potential for clients to end up feeling dissatisfied with the product or service, or when volumes are higher, there is a higher chance of disputes. Theft of credit card details or other data is also a risk. The providers are at risk and thus impose stricter terms, or decline the merchant account opening.


Keep chargebacks to a minimum

Credit card processing history is the second most important factor when it comes to getting approved. Card schemes, such as Visa and MasterCard, dictate the acceptable chargeback thresholds, which stand between 1-2% from sales volume and transaction count. Many businesses can reach this threshold very quickly and even a couple of consecutive months above 2% will lead to the bank will terminating the merchant account. This is why most high-risk merchants are asked for card processing statements detailing the previous 6 months and can only be approved after a thorough review. High chargeback ratios, excessive refunds and fraud trends lower the chances of getting approved.

1. Contact Us

After completing the short application form, our experts will assess your ecommerce offering and advise the appropriate banking partners from our network.

2. Bank Approval

Based on initial assessment we start the approval process with one of our banking partners. Our dedicated agent will guide you through this every step of the way.

3. Integration

After approval and MID activation, you can integrate you with the payment gateway via API and you're all ready to start processing payments on your ecommerce platform.


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