Robotic process automation for payments

We can automate wire transfers so it saves time and human intervention for repetitive tasks

Business challenge

The biggest challenge for our clients before joining Realisto was high running operations costs. It was related to a big number of repetitive and monotonous simultaneous payments to external agents of the bank within strict requirements for the payment period. Delays with payments had significant negative financial impact that our solution was designed to mitigate.

Our solution

Our RPA solution was implemented to automate internal/external money transfers. Our tool helps to check this data using HR and other billing systems of the bank.  Evidently, our solution will help your company to decrease manual work and process employee-related payments right on time

Speed up your payments

We integrated the robotics process automation system for internal and external payments. The solution speeds up all transfers and lifts the burden of routine manual work from employees.

Who We Help?

95% reduction in FTE

for employees thanks to the implementation of efficient RPA.

All payments are processed within one day

thanks to our optimised flow.

Just 4 weeks

It took to develop and deploy the solution for payment processing.

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