B2B International Payments

The world has changed and instantaneous is the new fast. With banking, things have clearly lagged behind.

Technology and transparency were placed second to a multi-departmental bureaucratic nightmare.

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Realisto offers international payments that take full advantage of FinTech.

 and the latest regulations with virtual bank accounts fit for modern businesses secure, fast and reliable.


International payments are complicated and expensive. Banks are slow, frustrating, and offer little to no support. Once money is sent, there is little way to track where it is in the transaction process

  • Cannot open a bank account in Europe
  • Cannot collect or send domestic wire transfers (SEPA Payments)
  • Pays SWIFT fee of €30
  • Pays currency conversion cost of 3-6%
  • Cannot access local payment gateways
  • Suffers the Frustration of bureaucratic banking processes
  • Cannot collect payments from marketplaces like Amazon
  • Takes 2-5 days per transfer


A virtual bank account with unique IBAN number for non-resident companies. The account is linked to your home bank account in your home country. You get a faster, 80% cheaper and transparent B2B transfer.

  • Receives SEPA payments from 35 EU countries for free in 2-12 hours
  • Makes SEPA payments to 35 EU countries
  • Saves €30 SWIFT charges and +80% on FX
  • Takes advantage of FX conversion automation
  • Uses its IBAN to integrate with marketplaces and payment gateways
  • Accesses premium brokers to make global payments in 138 currencies
  • Gets Instant notifications of incoming payments
  • Takes advantage of online onboarding


Good customer service

Cost savings


Less complexity


Sending money to Brazil from Europe can take 3 or 4 days and the conversion fees are 5% or more. FinTechs use automatic processes and bulk transfers to lower that fee to 1-2%. But just lowering the fee isn’t enough: using blockchain technology, sending money to Brazil takes hours.

I was approved within 24 hours and I cannot be happier with Realisto it's a no brainer
Jonas Fitz
CEO, Media Inc.
Realisto has helped my payment infrastructure immensely, highly recommended
Bornas Lay
HR, Mant Ltd.
Fast processing with a great support team! What more can I ask for? I have all I need in a merchant!
Lisa Monali
CFO, Ara Foun

B2B International payments

When it comes to B2B international payments, there are not many options. In almost all cases, the European company will simply initiate a payment with their local bank, which will then send the money to the non-resident partner’s bank, possibly through some intermediary banks. 

Each bank makes money on the transaction. Consequently, the incurred fees are at least 3% and can – at times – even exceed 6%. For a transaction of 50,000€, this can mean fees between 1,500€ and 4,000€. 

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Save 80% on cross-border payments & B2B supplier payments

Realisto provides a payment solution to any company outside of the Europe that saves time spent muddling through bureaucracy and 80% of the fees. The exporter gets their own IBAN number inside the EU, which can be used to receive payments from 34 countries. When the money comes in (through a simple SEPA payment), we send it to the local bank of the exporter for a fee of 1%.

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