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Our Mission

  • Our main goal is to grow our merchant base internationally and expand acquiring bank partnerships.
  • We always mentain both a professional & fun workplace environment drived by a positive and proactive attitude.
  • We offer dedicated support for our clients, giving us an advantage over large competitors.


  • We treat our clients with the same passion, as if their business was our own or as if we were part of theirs.
  • We believe in being there for our clients, not just to get them approved, but long after they start accepting credit cards.
  • Our team carefully reviews and analyses each merchant and selects only a premium acquiring bank for placement.


  • We believe in discretion and in protecting our clients personal and business details.

  • We treat all clients as long term partnerships and we do everything in order to keep these partnerships successful and active for many years.


  • We do our best to approve and place every merchant account applicant.
  • Our job does not end with arranging a payment solution. Our team works continuously with the merchant whenever they need assistance, additional MIDs or optimization.
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